Age Brackets



If you are a

  • Young Adult
  • 30 “Something”  (30 and early 40’s)

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Singles Ministry – Age Brackets

At this time, we have events for Single Members ages 40+

  • 40’s
  • 50’s
  • 55+
  • 70+

This is NOT a Dating Service – Just a way for our single members to meet.

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We are using MEETUP

These are private groups to help with guest lists and post event pictures. Know that one must post a current picture to join.

In your 40s or 50s:

Join TWO Meetups: 

  1. Catholic Socials 40s and 50s – On this site we will be posting:
    • 30 Somethings (30 Somethings – 30s and Early 40s)
    • 40s
    • 50s
  2. Catholic Socials 40s+ 
    • Events that are for ALL Singles 40+

ADULTS Ages 55+

Join one MEETUP:

Faith Social Service