History of the CAC


It all started in Pacific Beach.

Saint Brigid Parish has always had a very vibrant ministry for Young Adults. What happens when you are no longer a “Young Adult?”

The Adult Community was formed when Fr. Steve Callahan, pastor, met with several members of the St. Brigid Young Adult Group who were no longer “Young Adults.”  They formed the St. Brigid “Adult Community.”  For eight years they provided activities and a social network for those late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Nancy Wesseln was the volunteer leader and worked with a dedicated core team.  Just like the Young Adult program, the “Adult Community” attracted adults from all over the Diocese.

In the spring of 2011, Nancy Wesseln was losing her job in Education Sales and needed a job.  Knowing that the St. Brigid group she was leading was getting large, the idea was formed that we should be Diocesan wide!  Fr. Steve agreed, but needed other parishes to be involved.  If this could be done, Nancy could be hired to run the program.  Fr. Mark Campbell and Fr. Nick Dempsey agreed to join.  In order to be full time, Nancy also became the Senior Ministry director at St. Brigid.  By middle of September, we were official:  website and ALL!

The SAN DIEGO CATHOLIC ADULT COMMUNITY started with the mission to serve the “Adult Community.”


As we grew

In 2013, we had several Young Adults from Our Mother of Confidence and St. Therese of Carmel wanting to get involved.  The parishes asked if we could help.  We decided to have the two parishes work together:  San Diego Catholic Adult Community YOUNG ADULTS!  Since Nancy was NOT a Young Adult, and the parishes did not have many Young Adults, we started using Meetup.  Blessed with amazing leaders, this age bracket took off.

Near the same time, we had several members in their mid 60’s who did not consider themselves “Seniors.”  With the Adult Community focus on 40’s and 50’s, we decided to form the “ACTIVE” 60’s+!  This has turned into another wonderful and vibrant group with amazing leaders!

In December 2015, we welcomed our first new parish, St. James/St. Leo Mission!  It’s been a delight building the ministry in the North County.  Fr. John Howard and his staff have been so supportive.  This summer Fr. Howard retired, and we welcomed Fr. Gerard as the new pastor!


Our most recent additions to the ministry:

  • 30 “Somethings” – for those members who were finding themselves in between “Young Adults” and our “Adult Community.”
  • “College Age” – 18-23 – again another age group who are in between Youth Ministry and Young Adults.

We can truly say that we provide for ALL adults!


Who we serve

We are here to serve the needs of the Participating Parishes. Though we serve 4 parishes, ALL are welcome!   Below please find how we are serving each parish:


Our Mother of Confidence Saint Brigid St. James/St. Leo Mission St. Therese of Carmel
College Age

Young Adults

Adult Community

ACTIVE 60’s+

30 Somethings

Adult Community

ACTIVE 60’s+

Young Adults

30 Somethings

Adult Community

ACTIVE 60’s+

ACTIVE 60’s+
Also Serving – Parish Only Minsitries
Senior Ministry Senior Ministry




We know we are filling a need in our Diocese.  We are grateful for the support of our parishes.  As we grow, we are looking to see where and what needs to be done.  Some ideas our team has been looking at:

  • Including our events in ALL parish bulletins/advertising. Helping to get the word out about what we do.
  • New Supporting Parishes
  • North County Inland
  • East County
  • Downtown and South County


In conclusion:

We know we are getting members from all over San Diego.  We welcome you and ask that you have our ministry in your prayers.  What started as a simple idea has turned into an amazing ministry.  Praying for God’s continued guidance to lead us!

Our main responsibility is to the parishes who financially support us.

What has made us the successful ministry that we are – the MANY volunteers who help!  They are all faith filled and amazing!  If you attend any of our events, please thank the volunteer leader!  They are truly gifts from God to help our ministry flourish!

If YOU would like to get more involved, simply contact Nancy Wesseln!

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